Refurbishment / Remount - Are They Different

Technically yes, but maybe not………it depends on your or your salesperson’s definition of a refurbishment or remount. We have heard it explained ninety different ways and will most likely add twenty more before the end of the week.

Let’s tackle “refurbishment” first. The term refurbishment is so loosely used, with meanings ranging from “things have been sort of updated” to “it’s a full blown rebuild”. Your idea may be to upgrade your strobe warning lights to a brand new Whelen LED package or maybe you want to change your paint color from yellow to red. Technically, you would be refurbishing your warning light system or paint finish. But is that really a truck refurbishment? Some would say yes and others say no. Neither are wrong but neither are right. Following us now?

Document everything you upgrade on your fire truck or ambulance so that your definition of “Refurbishment” can be easily explained. Your vehicle re-sale value is counting on it!

In all honesty, the term “remount” isn’t far off from what is throw around describing “refurbishment”. We have seen ambulance re-mounts that are just that. The box is moved over to a new Ford, RAM or Chevrolet chassis. Nothing else is touched except for the electrical tie in. Others have been re-mounted on a new chassis, had brand new box interiors installed, brand new warning light packages and a full box re-paint. Everything from mild to wild.

So as a buyer you should verify and ask for the remount documentation. Don’t fall into in the refurbishment / remount rabbit hole.

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