Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency Vehicle Trader

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The Emergency Vehicle Trader or offers you, the buyer or seller; a convenient no hassle way of buying and selling. Sell used emergency vehicles such as used fire trucks, used ambulances, stock and demo emergency vehicles and firefighting/rescue equipment. Our sole focus is to assist you in the advertising and sale of your emergency vehicle or equipment. offers that in the most economical way possible. Advertised emergency vehicles for sale and firefighting equipment are owned by the seller. We do not act as a vehicle broker or middleman during the emergency vehicle sale. A seller closes the sale directly with the buyer. All communication is between the buyer and seller that eliminates any miscommunication by a third party.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "Get A Cash Offer" all about?

Before you take the step of advertising your emergency vehicle on the EMVTrader you can request a cash offer. Your vehicle information will be sent to the leading apparatus buyers in the industry.

I don’t like the offer I received to buy my emergency vehicle. What should I do? I think my emergency vehicle is worth more.

Simple – Lets advertise it. We have several plans available that will allow you to economically sell your emergency vehicle.

I want to buy a emergency vehicle. How can I fund the purchase? Is there financing available?

You bet there is! Team up with the emergency vehicle finance professionals that are ready to get you into a new or used fire truck or ambulance!

Is the EMV Trader like a fire truck or ambulance broker? What is the difference?

The short answer is no. EMV Trader is nothing like a broker, we are a low cost flat fee advertising platform. We offer three advertising packages to assist you with selling your emergency vehicle.

  • BASIC – $49.95
    • 6 Weeks that includes (6) photos, Full vehicle description, YouTube video link, Unlimited page views, Unlimited buyer inquires
  • ENHANCED – $69.95
    • 12 Weeks that includes (12) photos, Full vehicle description, You Tube video link, Unlimited page views, Unlimited buyer inquires
  • Premium – $129.95
    • 20 Weeks that includes (24) photos, Full vehicle description, You Tube video link, Unlimited page views, Unlimited buyer inquires, Featured on homepage and inventory pages

Ready to make it happen? Our experience has shown that time, quantity of photos and the quality of the description is what grabs a buyer.

Can a Emergency Vehicle Dealer sell on the EMV Trader? Do you only offer private emergency vehicle sales?

Absolutely, contact us today and we can discuss the options you have available to you as a selling emergency vehicle dealer.

Can I find manufacturers new stock and demo fire trucks on the EMV Trader? I’m looking for a new fire truck or ambulance!

You sure can, we have listed a ton of new fire truck and new ambulance manufacturers with links to their available stock and demo vehicles! Not sure who your dealer is for your preferred manufacturer? We have also provided links to each manufacturer’s dealer search page. All in one place!

Will EMV Trader contact me if someone is interested in my used emergency vehicle?

Interested buyers will contact you through the EMV Trader website using a simple contact form on your listing page. Inquires will be sent to the email address you provided during the sign up process.

What do emergency vehicle buyers want to see in an ad?

  • Buyers like detailed information, accurate pricing, a bunch of photos and a video if possible. Don’t be the emergency vehicle ad that gets skimmed over due to lack of information or effort put into the ad.
  • Take great pictures of the emergency vehicle or firefighting equipment that you are selling. Move your vehicle outside on a sunny day and start taking your pictures. Take pictures of all four corners of the vehicle, side shots, front shots, rear shots, cab interior shots and body compartments.

How long will it take to sell my fire truck, ambulance or other emergency vehicle?

On average, most emergency vehicle sales happen within 60 days of being advertised. Some trucks may sell fast, some emergency vehicles may take longer depending on the year of the used emergency vehicle, condition and mileage.

What should I include in my emergency vehicle ad?

Basically you should make your advertisement stand out!

Get creative in the ad text box and note the nitty gritty details. Especially the mechanicals and obviously the options. It is most important to supply as much information as possible. That will make your ad stand out.

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