How does a fire truck broker work?

Brokers for used fire trucks and used ambulances are generally a small business that advertises used emergency vehicles for sale in print media, social media and the internet.

Some history….

Twenty plus years ago you could count the number of brokers and used fire truck dealers on a few fingers. The industry of selling used emergency vehicles began with two companies, one that is still in business today and one that is not.

Firetec® – is the first broker to hit the internet selling used fire trucks and other emergency vehicles. FireTec® is still in business today advertising used fire trucks, ambulances and other equipment for sale by fire departments. Firetec® charges a commission for the sale the advertised apparatus.

Northeast Fire Apparatus – was the first nationwide used fire truck dealer. Not necessarily a broker, Northeast would buy and sell used fire trucks. The trucks were obtained through an outright purchase from a fire department or dealer for re-sale. Northeast Fire Apparatus was eventually bought out by American LaFrance and Freightliner. Unfortunately the used fire truck sales business didn’t survive the whole ALF debacle.

Fast forward to today with a quick search on Google, Bing, Edge, Safari or Firefox you will find endless people marketing used fire trucks and ambulances. The layout of the land has certainly changed. Today we have:

  1. Used fire truck dealers – they buy and sell used fire trucks or ambulances
    • Command Fire Apparatus
  2. Used fire truck dealers / Brokers – they buy, sell and broker used fire trucks or ambulances
    • Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus
    • Bradford Fire Apparatus
    • Company Two Fire Apparatus
    • Fire Line Equipment
    • Fire Trucks Unlimited
    • Palmetto Fire Apparatus
  3. New fire truck dealers that advertise used fire trucks on their websites for a used fire truck dealer. The new truck dealer is essentially a broker, collecting a commission after one sells
  4. Used fire truck brokers / Used ambulance brokers – brokers advertise fire trucks, ambulances and other emergency vehicles and equipment for sale. The broker does not own the vehicle but advertises it for sale with permission from the owners. Generally a brokers fee is a specified percentage of the sale price realized.
    • Fenton Fire Equipment
    • Firetec®
Used Fire Trucks For Sale

We may have missed a few dealers/brokers/advertisers etc. but you get the idea.

We have been involved in this industry since the late 1980’s, so it’s fair to say that we know a thing or two. We would not be writing about all this history if we didn’t think we had a another option for you, the seller. An option that truly allows you, the seller; to maximize your return instead of someone else’s.

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