How do I obtain parts for my fire truck or ambulance?

If you have an older fire truck you could be finding it difficult to find the right fire truck parts or ambulance replacement equipment. Dealerships have resources available to them today that are far reaching. The internet alone is a great source for finding replacement part suppliers for fire trucks and ambulances. Just do a quick google search for “fire truck parts

Believe it or not, there are fire apparatus in service today that are not supported by a manufacturer. Why you ask? Because for whatever reason they are no longer in business. Some exited the industry over 10 years ago but the trucks continue to serve in the community. Keeping them in service may seem to be an overwhelming challenge for most, however there are resources available that have and are very successful at sourcing the needed fire truck parts. What hasn’t been obsoleted by manufacturers and part suppliers can generally be found or reproduced. Most of the time it’s just a matter of going to the original supplier to see if they can still supply the required part.

Just quickly thinking about it we can rattle off a few manufacturers that are still actively used by fire departments.

  • American LaFrance
  • RD Murray
  • Aerial Innovations
  • LTI (Ladder Towers Inc.)
  • Squrt
  • Telesqurt
  • New Lexington

That’s not an inclusive list of the fire truck manufacturers out of business. Some are long gone and you will probably find it very hard, if not impossible to find replacement parts.

Dealers with eCommerce stores

After we did a google search for “fire truck parts” we came across a few fire truck dealers with eCommerce stores. Here were the top 5 found:

  1. Rev Fire Group
  2. Fire Line Equipment
  4. Feld Fire
  5. Darley

We talked with Fire Line Equipment in New Holland, PA to get an idea of how their parts department is staffed and to find out how much inventory they carry. We were super curious to learn who buys fire truck parts online!

Our Parts Department is staffed by 5 full time employees. Two take part orders over the phone, One handles our eCommerce store orders, One handles parts for our refurbishment and service shop and one does all of the shipping and receiving. We support Central Pennsylvania, Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey for E-ONE fire truck parts but also sell and ship replacement parts nationwide and into Canada. The eCommerce store has increased our reach and revenue year after year. So yes, fire truck parts are bought online!

We are not only supporting the first responders with their replacement part needs but also do a large amount of business with the fire truck service providers throughout the US. We have even had a manufacturer or two buy parts from either the online store or over the phone. Top selling parts are usually maintenance items for fire pumps and aerials. We do still stock a lot of the American LaFrance and LTI Aerial parts. Things that you just can’t find anymore because most dealerships have abandoned those lines.

It’s safe to say that with a little bit of research you can find a solid parts supplier for your older apparatus. You are not always going to hear what you want to hear but it’s also safe to say that this industry has plenty of professional high level dealerships that are willing to do the dirty work.

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