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💡 Before you add your firefighting tools and rescue equipment for sale, did you remember to:

  1. Create a descriptive title
  2. Select condition of your rescue or fire fighting tools for sale?
  3. Select the type of equipment or tool that you are selling?
  4. Will your quoted price be: as advertised, negotiable or should a buyer call you for a price?
  5. The quantity of tools you are advertising for sale?
  6. Enter your location? Just put the zip code in of where the tools are located and our website will do the rest.
  7. Add photos? This is a big one that buyers want to see. Good photos sell so don’t skimp here.
  8. Add YouTube video link? Its super easy, just take a video and upload it to YouTube. Paste your link into the “video link” box. Your video will appear on your listing page.
  9. Add sellers notes? We have done our best to list every possible option and variation available but we may have missed something. Feel free to add that here as well as other comments.
  10. Set your asking price?
  11. Choose your plan?

Yes – that is a lot of information but you want to describe your emergency vehicle clearly and completely. If you completed everything to your satisfaction, go and hit that “Submit Listing” button!

Happy Selling - The EMVTrader Team!